Book Stars Guest Post : SQT from Fantasy and Sci-Fi Lovin’ News and Reviews Top 5 Reads of 2011

December 28, 2011 § 7 Comments

Book Stars of 2011

The final guest post of The Happy Booker’s Book Stars of 2011 is from SQT from Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin’ News & Reviews. I have been a huge fan of SQT’s amazing blog since I first began blogging last year! I can always count on her book recommendations, particularly in the Epic and High Fantasy genres, she always manages to find all of the hidden gems in that genre! I was so happy that she agreed to write a guest post for this feature! Here’s a quick list of her favorite reads from 2011. Were any of them on your favorites list too?

SQT’s Top 5 Favorites of 2011

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor With her poetic style Laini Taylor showed that YA fiction doesn’t have to be all about angst-ridden teenagers and non-stop sarcasm. This is a beautiful fantasy that alternates between a modern, picturesque Prague and a world of fantastic creatures. I loved this atmospheric fantasy. Review HERE

Dead of Night by Jonathan Maberry “Dead of Night” isn’t Maberry first foray into zombie-themed fiction but this story is less of a thriller than a full-fledged horror story. Maberry doesn’t forget the characters and the story is as introspective as it is taut. A very original take on the zombie story that does a credible job of creating a real-world explanation for a usually unbelievable monster. Review HERE

The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss Rothfuss brings back his hero Kvothe in another soulful foray into his long and event-filled past. Rothfuss has the unique ability to take his time with a story without making it boring and his prose is beautifully rendered. This isn’t a book for the fan of fiction that has the characters rushing around with a lot of pointless action. It’s a grown-up fantasy for the reader that knows what it’s like to look back on life with both fondness and regret. Review HERE

Divergent by Veronica Roth “Divergent” has garnered a lot of comparisons to “The Hunger Games” thanks to its action-packed style. But Roth deserves credit for creating her own brand of dystopian fiction that is perhaps more uncomfortably plausible than “The Hunger Games.” Tris, the main character, is just the right kind of blend of stubborn and resilient who never ventures into the cookie-cutter territory of annoyingly sarcastic like so many YA heroines. I’m eagerly looking forward to the sequel Insurgent , due in May of 2012. Review HERE

Among Thieves by Douglas Hulick I read “Among Thieves” early in 2011 and it still ranks high on my list of this year’s favorites. The thief as the main character and sometimes-hero is nothing new, but in Hulick’s hands the story is nonetheless fresh with subtle magic and lots of intrigue. It’s action packed but never overly busy and I can’t wait for the release of the sequel Sworn in Steel, due in June of 2012. Review HERE


Thanks for stopping by The Happy Booker today and for participating in my Book Stars of 2011 feature! I hope everyone has enjoyed the wonderful guest posts and has found several awesome books to add to their to-read list!! Happy Holidays! 


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